Dining in Dusseldorf

Luang Prabang
Luang Prabang serves authentic Laotian cuisine that offers large portions. One of the best parts of Luang Prabang is that the restaurant uses the correct spice meter. Spice meters help to accurately gauge how spicy a dish is. The restaurant interior has been described as having an efficient use of space, though the seating arrangements could be better. Dishes include rice, banana leaf, vegetables, mangos and shrimp.

El Lazo
More than anything, El Lazo receives top marks for its steak and its friendly service. It is a Spanish steakhouse that serves very delicious steak, delicious fish and shrimp appetizers. The restaurant also has good beer. The restaurant has a rustic and authentic atmosphere. The restaurant service is known for being very friendly and attentive, with one diner mentioning that a server even performed magic tricks.

Im Fuchschen
Many diners looking for an authentic German experience will want to try Im Fuchschen. This restaurant has excellent schnitzel and dark, cold beer. The food is described as not being gourmet and is more for those interested in traditional German food. In addition to being delicious, Im Fuchschen also has prices that are considered to be reasonable. The restaurant has an old traditional German style that is great for tourists visiting Germany for the first time. The restaurant has outdoor seating that is highly recommended.

La Castagnas
La Castagnas is a tasteful Italian restaurant. Many visitors will be surprised that such a low-key restaurant could become so popular. What makes La Castagnas such a success is the excellent food at a good price. Examples of dishes include the antipasti, steak on a bed of mushrooms, carpaccio of beef and fillets of sea bass. They also have a five-course surprise menu where the chef chooses what to cook the patron.

Zum Uerige
Zum Uerige is another place to get a couple of beers while served by very friendly staff. The opinion on the beer is mixed, with some patrons finding to be excellent and other patrons seeing it as a matter of taste. The restaurant has less of an emphasis on food. Also, patrons can see wine professionals hanging out during the biggest wine trade fair. The beers are brewed while following the Reinheitsgebot, which is a purity law that was enacted in 1516.