Getting Around Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf International Airport
When you are traveling to Dusseldorf from another country or from another continent, try taking the plane to the Dusseldorf International Airport. The Dusseldorf Airport serves International flights from England, Switzerland, Greece, Austria, the United States and more. The Dusseldorf Airport offers several public transportation methods from the airport for your convenience as well as on-site information centers, specialty shops and restaurants.

Taxicab Service
While you are in Dusseldorf, there are many taxicab companies that offer quick and friendly service to the greater Dusseldorf area attractions and businesses. With taxi cab companies that include Rhein Taxi, International Taxi, TSG Taxi, Gul-Der Taxi and more, there are enough taxi cabs in town for you to get a cab within minutes from any of the local hotels or businesses. The cabs can also drive you to local activities throughout the city.

Light rail train
Dusseldorf offers a very convenient light rail system to get you around the city. With thirteen different lines that intersect throughout the town, you can get wherever you need to go in just minutes. The easy access to the light rail and convenient pass system helps you to travel comfortably without any difficulty, allowing you to concentrate on having fun and enjoying your trip, rather than worrying about your transportation needs and plans.

Public Bus Service
The city of Dusseldorf has one of the best public transit systems in Europe, including its public bus service. The public buses are very clean and comfortable, providing regular schedules around town to the local businesses and hotels as well as the city's attractions and activities. If you need a quick ride to your next destination at an inexpensive price, riding the public bus will give you just what you need. It is also a great way to meet the local residents of the city, where you can learn what the best hangouts are and where you can get the best food to eat.

Subway System
Dusseldorf is known for their amazing Subway system. Known as the U-Bahn line, the subway is quick and efficient, providing easy access to the local attractions. The subway includes stops at all the main intersections throughout town as well as within steps of downtown businesses and hotels, where you can depart the subway at the station and be within a few steps of your hotel. Tickets can be purchased at any of the U-Bahn subway stations.